Welcome to Yoga Up!  We are East Dallas’ first yoga and aerial yoga studio just for kids.  Located  in the Little Forest HIlls neighborhood at 9105 Diceman, Dallas, TX 75218. Our boutique style studio offers parties, camps and classes for infants through teens.  Using stories, games, music, a variety of props, aerial yoga hammocks (when age appropriate) and art and science exploration, we get kids moving and learning in a FUN, playful way.  We combine yoga with mindfulness practices and meditation to support sensory processing , lower anxiety, and encourage better brain function, stronger bodies and thriving kids. Yoga Up is a comprehensive practice combining neuroscience, western therapeutic practices, and sensory processing tools with the wisdom and teaching of yoga, meditation  and mindfulness.  We utilize Mind Up and other curriculums to teach kids about breathing and their brains.  We strive to give kids tools to grow up with a sense of peace and self-calming on and off the mat. Yoga Up incorporates practices from training at Yogapeutics and The Little Yoga HouseYoga Up classes are taught by owner Nikole Swize.  Nikole is currently a lower school art teacher and preschool art and drama teacher at The Greenhill School in Addison and was a kindergarten teacher at Hyer Elementary for HPISD before taking 8 years off to be home with her 2 boys. Nikole has been practicing aerial yoga at home with her boys and often begins her art class with a mindfulness lesson or yoga stretches. She saw how yoga, breathing and mindfulness practices and aerial yoga training made a difference in her own children and students and wanted to give other kids the chance to experience the same benefits. Her family encouraged her to open a studio for kids in Dallas and so Yoga Up became a reality. The classes we offer are non competitive, low key and non-religious (unless you schedule a Group Christian Yoga Class). If you have any questions feel free to ask!  You can contact NIkole via text or email.  nikole@yogaupkids.com or 214-505-9464.
Why Yoga For Kids?
Gymnastics, swimming, dance, martial arts, basketball, soccer… There are already many choices available to parents for physical, movement-based extracurricular classes for their children. What makes yoga different? And what are the benefits for yoga for children?Yoga for kids is a fun way for children to develop important skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. Even at a young age, children often feel pressure at school academically and socially, plus the added pressure of competitive organized sports. It is easy for girls and boys to become overly self-critical and lose confidence in themselves as they grow and change. Yoga is a great remedy; there is no judgment in a yoga class about how a child does a pose or plays a game. Doing a pose ‘perfectly’ is not the aim of yoga, which nurtures a child’s inner strength and self-acceptance. This nourishing atmosphere encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop, not only strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better focus and concentration and self-confidence.Children are also encouraged to respect and pay attention to their bodies, making sure each pose feels good and coming in and out of positions when they feel ready (something most adults have a hard time doing!). As children grow and their bodies change quickly, this becomes an important skill.But what makes yoga classes different from other movement-based activities incorporating music and games, like Gymborees? Besides the immense physical and mental benefits, a central tenet of yoga practice is respect and honor: for ourselves, for each other and for our environment. In a yoga class, children often go on a magical journey around the world and learn about many cultures and places. Since many of the yoga poses are of animals, children also learn about different animal habitats, endangered species and even recycling!
Children have an innate affinity with the natural world, and animals in particular. They understand and enjoy learning about and caring for the earth and its inhabitants, both human and animal.In this way, yogis a holistic practice, with an inner well as outer focus. But most importantly for kids, yoga is fun!-Written by Gopala Amir Yaffe founder of Rainbow Kids YogaClick HERE for more articles